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Our History
La Perla Tapatia is a chain of Mexican stores in the Central Valley in the state of California with over 30 years of existence. It is a family owned business specializing in Mexican products and it has been a dream come true for the Villa family in bringing and conserving a tradition. Each store has an extensive variety of products with an authentic specialty in the Mexican food that makes us feel as if we were in Mexico.

The first La Perla Tapatia was established in Patterson in 1980. Since then, the Villa family has worked hard to prosper. La Perla Tapatia offers an extensive variety in Mexican products like warm, homemade tortillas and a variety of fresh Mexican pastries baked daily, as well as authentic food from various regions of Mexico.

"La Perla Tapatia" Definition
The name La Perla Tapatia was originated in Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco state known as La Perla Tapatia. Guadalajara is recognized for its tequila, mariachi, crafts, charreria and folkloric dance.

People call the habitants of this city "Tapatios." The word tapatio arises from the language Nahuatl word "tlapatiotl." This word signifies "is worth for three." In the open air market (flea market) of Guadalajara, they used to exchange three items for three items. As time passed, people from other cities believed that the "tlapatiotl" were the people. Since that moment, the habitants were called "Tapatio."

For this reason, Guadalajara is known everywhere as "La Perla Tapatia" and one of their folkloric dances is called "el jarabe tapatio."

La Perla Store
La Perla Store
La Perla Store
La Perla Store


La Perla Store
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